CAMHS Operational Guideline 2019

The HSE published the CAMHS Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) in 2015.  Following an extensive review and consultation with a wide range of stakeholders, the 2019 document has taken on board much of this feedback and has been renamed the CAMHS Operational Guideline.

The purpose of this document is to:

1.  Provide consistency in the service delivery of CAMHS throughout the country
2.  Ensure that legislative and regulatory requirements are met
3.  Ensure that all employees and management are clear on their roles and responsibilities
4.  Ensure that children, adolescents and their parents are clear on the service provided by CAMHS
5.  Ensure that referral agents and other agencies involved in the provision of care to children and adolescents are clear on the service provided by CAMHS

The Operational Guideline applies to all staff working in a CAMHS service – such as Community CAMHS Teams, Liaison/Day Hospitals and Acute Inpatient Units.
The document is available to partner agencies, stakeholders, service users and their families.