Team members at East Linn

The Eist Linn team work together to help foster positive change and recovery.  The multidisciplinary team are made up of the following disciplines. 

Speech and Language Therapists

You might meet with a Speech and Language Therapist to be assessed if there are language, literacy and social-communication concerns. Speech, fluency and voice difficulties may be evaluated if required. The speech and language therapists may be involved in individual assessments, or might work with other team members.  The Speech and Language Therapists also work with the education staff at Colaiste Eist Linn. We might recommend that you have access to supports in school, and for state examinations.

Speech and language therapists are also involved in group work with the young people at Eist Linn, and they facilitate meetings between young people with communication issues and their parents so they are able to communicate their feelings, preferences, wants and needs as they plan for adulthood and discharge.

Clinical Psychologists 

Clinical Psychologists specialise in the assessment and psychological intervention of a range of difficulties which young people might experience. They  provide support for mental health, interpersonal, cognitive and developmental concerns.  Clinical psychologists will work with you and your family to support you to maximise your strengths. They also provide individual, family and group therapeutic work using a different types of therapies.

Occupational Therapists 

Occupational Therapy (OT) focuses on supporting you to engage in meaningful everyday activities as independently as possible. Meaningful activities include everything you do throughout the day to promote and maintain your wellness, including self-care, leisure and school/work. Occupational Therapists will work with you and your family to identify areas of your life that you are dissatisfied with as well as barriers that may be affecting your engagement in meaningful activities. Barriers might  include lack of motivation, low energy, difficulty with problem solving and goal setting, anxiety, poor self esteem and confidence, motor and/or sensory difficulties. The Occupational Therapists  works with you and your family to develop the skills you need to facilitate recovery and wellness. This may include learning new tasks, trying out new activities, goal setting and problem solving in relation to activities you have previously enjoyed, and practicing activities on the unit or in the community to rebuild confidence.

Child & Adolescent Mental Health Nursing 

When you arrive at Eist Linn, a CAMHS nurse will welcome you and your family/carer. The aim of nursing staff is to work with and support you and your family in your recovery and to help you meet your goals and hopes. Nurses operates from a holistic approach which they will be monitoring and treating your physical needs as well as your emotional needs. They will work with you and help you make sense of your experiences and help you learn new ways of coping with your emotions and behaviours so that you may heal and move forward with your life. Nursing staff may also administer medicine that has been prescribed by your doctor and answer any questions you or your family may have. The aim and philosophy of CAMHS nursing staff is to work with you and your family, help you to identify your goals and walk side by side with you in your recovery whilst ensuring that you feel safe and secure until you go home.

Social Workers

Social Workers will support the young person primarily through their system and recognises the family as the biggest resource in a young person’s life. Social Workers gain a systematic understanding of the presentation which has resulted in the admission. They listen to the family to understand your concerns and your family’s concerns, learn from the family’s knowledge, their experiences and expertise, and identify strengths and resources. By building a therapeutic relationship with families, they can support the process of recovery and importantly ensure the quality of care. Social workers at Eist Linn are involved in a range of therapeutic work and interventions include supporting family relationships, behavioural management and others. They may also offer support as you move from Eist Linn back to the community CAMHS team, and assist you to get in touch with other local support as you get ready to leave Eist Linn. They may also offer help around accessing practical supports such as accommodation, housing queries and social welfare entitlements. 


Administration staff provide clerical assistance to the team. When you arrive at Eist Linn, you will be greeting by a member of administration staff who will make you feel comfortable before you are welcomed by a member of the Eist Linn nursing teams. Phone calls to Eist Linn are answered by administration staff, and relayed to the relevant person.

Nutrition and Dietitians

Dietitians use their expert knowledge and skills to translate the science of nutrition into patient-centred, practical, food related guidance.  Dietitians at Eist Linn specialise in the nutritional care of young and will work with you and your family to address specific nutrition/diet related issues, promote wellbeing, and support a healthy relationship with food.