Inpatient CAMHS Units

What is inpatient CAMHS?

In-Patient CAMHS are specialist services based in Dublin, Cork and Galway which offer intense support and treatment to young people and their families. If your mental health difficulty is becoming considerably challenging and it is felt that you need extra support then an In-Patient CAMHS referral may be initiated by your Community CAMHS Team.

Our aim

The aim of the In-Patient Unit is to provide intensive support to young people and their families when they need it.

Who attends?

Most young people who attend an In-Patient CAMHS Unit will be aged between 12 and 18 years and will be experiencing symptoms like severe low mood, high levels of anxiety, thought disorders or significant eating problems. The In-Patient CAMHS teams are experienced in helping young people with these difficulties to recover.

What you can expect?

In an In-Patient CAMHS Unit you will need to stay overnight to gain a benefit from the intensive support provided there. Young people will be expected to take part in the unit’s group programme and will receive individual 1:1 support and regular medical review. Family work is almost always a crucial aspect of this treatment.

The CAMHS In-Patient team

The CAMHS team consists of psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, social workers, occupational therapists, dieticians and speech & language therapists. All of these people offer different insights into assessing and treating mental health difficulties and will be called upon to assist in helping many families with various challenges.