Getting Help in an Emergency, Contact Details - Mental Health, Dublin West and South West

How can I access the Community Mental Health Services?

A GP is the first person you should seek help from. If contacting a GP is not an option, the service can be accessed through a hospital Emergency Department. For more details click on the link to getting help for the first time.

How can I contact the Community Mental Health Services?

  • Contact numbers of each of the Community Mental Health Teams are available on their page of this website. There is an answering service which is checked at regular intervals throughout the day 9-4.45pm seven days a week. 
  • If you are already using the service call the local mental health team. You may have been given a specific number or individual to contact.
  • Outside these hours please contact your GP or your local hospital Emergency Dept.

How do Community Mental Health Services respond to emergencies at nights or at weekends?

At night or at weekends, our services are based within the Emergency Department of Tallaght Hospital. There is a Psychiatrist on duty and a Consultant Psychiatrist on call.

Following assessment, where there is a need, a very rapid appointment to new patient clinic in your local area can be arranged, or you may be admitted to the Acute Mental Health Unit.

What if I need immediate help?

  • If you are already using the service call the local mental health team. You may have been given a specific number or individual to contact.
  • Contact your own GP or local doctor, listed under ‘General Practitioners’ in the Golden Pages, or find your nearest GP
  • If it's late in the evening or nighttime, contact a GP Out of Hours Service
  • Go to, or contact, the Emergency Department of your nearest general hospital
  • If you are in danger of harming yourself or somebody else, or somebody you know is, contact emergency services by calling 999 or 112

If at all possible it is best to seek help before things get to crisis point.

What should I do if I feel suicidal?

  • Ask for help. Everyone needs help from time to time and there is nothing wrong with asking for it. In fact, asking for help is a sign of personal strength.
  • Contact a friend or family member and ask for support.
  • Find a GP near you
  • If you are already attending the service contact us, request an earlier appointment, or a visit from your Key Worker or assigned Community Mental Health Nurse.
  • Attend your local Emergency Department
  • Link in with voluntary services e.g. the Samaritans Call 116 123
  • National Office for Suicide Prevention gives options for help both within and outside our Community Mental Health Service.
  • Do not drink alcohol or take any illicit drugs.

What should I do if I feel I'm relapsing?

  • Contact a member of the mental health service, request an earlier appointment, request contact/ visit from your assigned Key Worker or Community Mental Health Nurse.
  • If you are taking medication check to ensure that you haven’t missed any.
  • Refer to your Relapse Prevention Plan (if you have one) for guidance on useful interventions.