Discharge from unit

Who will plan my discharge?

The team - including yourself and your carer or family - will plan your discharge at a discharge planning meeting.

At this meeting follow up care will be arranged. This can include items such as medication, crisis management, relapse prevention, practical issues such as coping at home and return to work. It will include details of the services such as Home Care and Day Hospital or professionals that will be involved with you following discharge

How will I know about my discharge plan?

You can choose to attend your own discharge planning meeting. You can also request to see your Care Plan. It will be available in the nurses’ station. Your Key Nurse or doctor should talk to you about your discharge.

Who can I contact if I become unwell after being discharged?

Contact your Key Worker or your Local Mental Health Team to arrange an appointment. If you cannot wait for that, go to the Emergency Department at your local hospital where the duty Psychiatric doctor will assess you. A treatment plan will be decided upon.

What services are available after discharge?

People usually use services such as Day Hospital, Home Care and Rehabilitation Services, straight after discharge from hospital. You will be introduced to these services prior to discharge

In the longer term, people usually attend the Out-Patients Clinic. All of the Services and Professionals provided by your local mental health team are available to assist you in your recovery.