Independent Living Skills Programme

What is the purpose of this programme?

To support individuals to develop or regain skills in areas such as shopping, budgeting, cooking and using community resources

Who should go to this group?

People who want and need support to develop these skills-

People who may be moving out of the family home into independent accommodation

People who are regaining their independence and are moving from a higher level to lower level of supported accommodation

People who feel like they would like to maintain skills by developing a routine and structure in their daily lives

How do I access this group?

You can be referred from community mental health team to rehabilitation service

How long does it last/What is the time commitment?

8 weeks in duration

Once weekly for 3 hours (10-1pm)

Who facilitates the group?

Occupational Therapy, Rehabilitation Service


The day varies from programme to programme, it usually takes place on a weekday morning between 10am and 2pm. It is presently being run in the independent living suite in Ballyfermot Primary Care and Mental Health Building.

Is there a waiting list for this programme and how often is it available?

This programme runs approximately 4 times a year

There will be a short waiting period while you wait for the next programme to start.