Hospital Care - Mental Health Services in Dublin South Central

Most people who have mental health problems are treated without going into hospital. Services such as Day Hospital and Outpatients mean that most mental health crises can be handled without the need for hospital admission. Sometimes admission to hospital is necessary.

You may need to be admitted to hospital for some of your care. In Dublin South City, our Acute Unit is based at St James's Hospital.

Which hospital will I go to?

The Acute Psychiatric Unit that serves our catchment is located within St James's Hospital.

The unit consists of 3 wards: Fownes (Acute Admission Unit), Becket (Low Dependency Ward) and Conolly Norman (Psychiatry of Old Age)

Does my treatment team change if I need to go to hospital?

During your admission you remain under the care of the Consultant Psychiatrist and other members of the Multidisciplinary Team from your local area. However, on a day to day basis during your admission you are cared for by the Acute Unit Multidisciplinary Team who will work in partnership with your local team.

How it works

Elements of Care

Your Rights

If you have any concerns or complaints please discuss with any staff member.