Owendoher Community Mental Health Team

The Owendoher Community Mental Health Team provides specialist mental health services to people living in parts of Rathfarnham, Churchtown, Ballyboden, Terenure and Rathmines. We work in partnership with local GPs, St James's Hospital and other local healthcare, social and rehabilitation services.

Directions, opening hours, contact details

Services Offered

We run many different types of services. We provide assessment and treatment in different ways depending on what the problem is and how severe or complicated it is. It’s normal for people to move from one service to another depending on what difficulties they need to address at the time.

Group Programmes

Group Programmes often involve regular meetings, classes and activities. They’re usually held once a week for a set period in a group setting with people in a similar situation. They deal with particular problems that the group have in common such as difficulties with anxiety, difficulties socialising or relapse prevention

Therapies Offered

Therapies involve you working regularly with a therapist or key worker over a number of weeks on a particular problem. They can help you identify patterns in how you think and behave, learn new skills and strategies and discuss ideas to manage your mental health better. Just as there are many different mental health problems here are many different types or techniques of therapy.

Services For Families, Friends and Carers

It can be hard when you’re close to someone who’s dealing with a mental health problem. But you can also be a great help to them in managing their illness and recovery. The following service are specifically aimed to support you.

In Owendoher, this group takes place on the first Monday of the month in Ballyrowen Community Centre near Rathfarnham shopping centre at 7.30pm.

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