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GP Circulars

2020 Circulars

GP Circular NCO-16-2020 Paternity Leave

GP Circular COVID-19 Self-isolation Facility Admission Criteria and Referral Form

GP Circular NCO-14-2020 Provision of Services under the Health Act 1970 (as amended) and the Health (General Practitioner Service) Act, 2012

GP Circular 028-20 Direct Acting Oral Anticoagulants (DOACs) Application System

GP Circular NCO-13-2020 Social Deprivation Practice Grant Support GP Agreement

Social Deprivation Support Allowance Application Form

GP Circular 024-20 Benzodiazepine and Z-Drugs

GP Circular NCO-10-2020 Support for General Practitioner Services During Current National Public Health Emergency

GP Circular NCO 09-2020 Structured Chronic Disease Management Programme

GP Circular NCO-07-2020 GP Services During Current National Public Health Emergency

GP Circular 18/20 Healthmail

GP Circular 21/20 Medical Certificates for COVID-19

GP Circular 15/20 Changes in Medicines Legislation

GP Circular 14/20 Azithromycin

GP Circular 13/20 Hydroxychloroquine

GP Circular 05/2020 Services during COVID-19

GP Circular 07/20 - Appropriate Prescribing of Pregabalin

GP Circular - Corona Virus Advice for GPs

GP Circular 1/2020 - Practice Support Subsidy.

2019 Circulars

GP Circular 040/2019 - Clarification re. Maternity and Infant Care Scheme

GP Circular 035/2019 - Patient safety: Moxifloxacin

GP Circular 034/2019 - Maternity and Infant Scheme

GP Circular 27/2019 - Phased Dispensing

GP Circular 23/2019 - HSE Community Dietetic Service

GP Circular 22/2019 - Maternity and Infant Scheme online submission.

GP Circular 18/2019 - Centralisation of Long Term Illness Scheme.

GP Circular 15/2019 - Oral Nutritional Supplements (ons)

GP Circular 12/2019 - GP Application Suite.

GP Circular 09/2019 - Increase in thresholds for GP Visit Card eligibility.

GP Circular 05/2019 - Prescription Claim Forms.

2018 Circulars

GP Circular 037/2018 - Phased Dispensing

GP Circular 036/2018

GP Circular 033/2018 - Centralisation of Drugs Payment Scheme

GP Circular 28/2018 - Seasonal Flu Vaccinations

GP Circular 27/2018 - Use of ppsn.

GP Circular 25/2018 - Integrated Data Returns

GP Circular 24/2018 - GP Visit Card for carers.

GP Circular 19/2018 - Online medical card system

GP Circular 12/2018 - Opiod substitution treatment prescription form.

GP Circular 09/2018 - Lidocaine

Information on Medicated Lidocaine medicated plasters (Versatis)

GP Circular 05/2018 - Valproate

GP Circular 04/2018 - Eligibility confirmation

GP Circular 03/2018 - GP Care under 6s - introduction of integrated data returns.

2017 Circulars

GP Circular 53/2017 - Reimbursement of Entresto

GP Circular 48/2017 - Oral nutritional supplements.

GP Circular 46/2017 - Guide to Long Term Illness scheme

GP Circular 42/2017 - National Medical Card Online Services

GP Circular 39/2017 - Enhanced Services to General Practitioners

GP Circular 38/2017 - Reimbursement of Lidocaine Plasters (Versatis), effective 1 Sept 2017

GP Circular 32/2017 - Reimbursement of Lidocaine Versatis

GP Circular 30/17 - Influenza Vaccination Programmes 2017/2018

GP Circular 26/2017 - Special Type Consultations

GP Circular 20/2017 - Change of Doctor Facility.

GP Circular 18/2017 - Phased Dispensing

GP Circular 17/2017 - DCA Scheme

GP Circular 11/2017 - PDE5 Inhibitors

GP Circular 05/2017 - Online Application System

GP Circular 03/2017 - Long Term Illness Scheme


2016 Circulars

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2013 Circulars

2012 Circulars

2011 Circulars

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