Code of Standards and Behaviour

The HSE Code of Standards and Behaviour is an important element of the overall framework within which all employees are expected to work. It sets out the standards required of employees in the discharge of their duties. These standards of behaviour and values will support a high quality public service, based on high levels of personal performance and responsibility.

Main features of the Code

In the performance of their duties employees must:

(a) Maintain high standards in service delivery by:

  • discharging responsibilities conscientiously, honestly and impartially;
  • always acting within the law; and
  • performing their duties with efficiency, diligence and courtesy.

(b) Observe appropriate behaviour at work by:

  • dealing with the public sympathetically, fairly and promptly; and
  • treating their colleagues with respect.

(c) Maintain the highest standards of probity by:

  • conducting themselves with honesty, impartiality and integrity;
  • never seeking to use improper influence, in particular, never seeking to use political influence to affect decisions concerning their official positions;
  • abiding by guidelines in respect of offers of gifts or hospitality; and
  • avoiding conflicts of interest.

(d) Support and be loyal to the HSE by:

  • supporting colleagues and the HSE in the performance of its functions;
  • promoting the goals and objectives of the HSE and not undermining any of them through action or omission.
  • seeking to resolve grievances and concerns through agreed channels (this includes The Good Faith Reporting Policy code and the provisions in the Health Act 2007 which would be external channels).
  • ensuring any actions taken to maintain public confidence in the HSE and its good name

This Policy is part of a suite of policies and should be read in conjunction with:
Policy on Fraud