Managing Attendance Policy (January 2009) Revised 2014

The contribution, ability and dedication of health service employees are key to the delivery of quality health services. The Managing Attendance Policy is designed to identify scope for improvement in attendance levels and to find workable solutions to illness absence issues where they exist. Click here to download the policy. This will benefit the HSE in terms of increased productivity and improved customer service and there are also clear benefits for employees. Good attendance at work can assist in alleviating:-  

  • Disruption to services and reduced productivity
  • Creation of backlogs
  • Reduced quality of service
  • Challenges to management due to constant revisiting of work schedules/rosters

The purpose of the policy is to:

  • Set out the roles and responsibilities of employees, line managers, Human Resources, Employee Assistance Programmes and the Occupational Health Department in relation to attendance management.
  • Provide practical guidance for line managers in promoting a positive culture of attendance in the work place.
  • Promote greater awareness of the importance of employee rehabilitation.

Click here to download the Managing Attendance Policy.

Click here to read more on the Rehabilitation of Employees back to work after Illness or Injury Policy.


At the time of publication Appendix 1 of the Policy and Procedure, the Occupational Health Referral Form, was still under discussion.  Development and appropriate consultation on a standard form for use across the HSE has now been completed. 

With effect from 14 May 2014 this form has now been incorporated into the Policy and Procedure at Appendix 1.