HSE Communications

The HSE Communications Division works with health service teams all over the country.  Together we create communications programmes that support a healthier nation and build health services that are valued by everyone in Ireland.

We work with all HSE Divisions and support the new Hospital Groups and Community Health Organisations, to deliver over 500 Communications projects annually.

HSE Communications Strategy 2023-2025 (PDF, size 4.6 MB, 33 pages)

Download our organisation chart (PDF, 105 KB, 1 page)

We provide services that include:

  • Communications strategy and planning
  • Social marketing and behaviour change campaigns
  • Press and media relations, media analysis & training
  • Public information programmes
  • Public relations advisory
  • Brand development; market research and insight development
  • Website development for HSE.ie, HSEnet and a range of other websites
  • Social media strategy and management
  • Video and audio content development
  • HSE Live – 1800 700 700
  • Internal and staff communications; publications, reports and health literacy
  • Health Matters Staff Magazine - content, publishing and distribution
  • Crisis communications & emergency planning
  • Training and development in communications
  • Professional management of contracts for advertising, media buying and digital development
  • Irish language services

Our services are delivered by four teams. Professional management of contracts for advertising, media buying and digital development.

Programmes and Campaigns Team

Our Programmes and Campaigns team deliver large-scale health campaigns and hundreds of small or medium-scale communications projects annually. The team’s award-winning and effective work is evidence-based and developed hand-in-hand with HSE services; QUIT, BreastCheck, THINK Contraception and Ask About Alcohol. All of the team’s work is aimed at making health services easier to use or helping people to lead healthier lives.

Email: campaigns@hse.ie

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Digital Team

The Digital team supports health services to develop content and tools for HSE.ie and other online platforms. HSE.ie had over 10 million visitors last year and the digital team makes sure that visitors to the website can find the information they need about health services online. The team shares messages and educates people on a number of topics through social media. Our overall goal is to increase people’s health knowledge and confidence. 

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HSE Live 

Our contact centre, HSE Live is open Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm, Saturday, 9am to 5pm, Sunday and bank holidays, closed. We help with queries around COVID-19 vaccine registration, COVID-19 test results or to answer general questions about the health service.

Contact HSE Live

Internal Communications team

The Internal Communications team manage and support communications between staff, management and senior leaders. The team’s key focus is helping to improve internal communications across the HSE. We give support and advise on targeted messaging, campaign planning, audience reach, developing content, channel selection and communicating change.

Contact: internalcomms@hse.ie

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News and Media Team

The News and Media team deals with news events happening daily in the health service. The team provides frontline media relations for the health service and responds to approximately 5,000 media queries each year. The team also co-ordinates the out of hours media service which is provided 7 days a week in response to the 24/7 news cycle. The team offers proactive and reactive media advice to management and staff in the HSE from events and launches to crisis management. The team also provides media training for HSE teams and offers a media monitoring and evaluation service.

Contact: 01 921 3912 or press@hse.ie

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Client Services

Client Services is comprised of two teams; Client Directors and the Irish Language Service team. The Directors Team assigns a Client Director to work with each HSE Division as their Communications programme manager. The Client Director’s role is to be the expert communications professional for their Division; to help the Division’s health services get the most from their communications programmes. The Client Director co-ordinates the communications activity for the Division and delivers on their projects through the three teams described above.

Find contact details for the Client Service Team

National Director of Communications – Mark Brennock
10 - 11 Cornmarket, Dublin 8
Phone: 01 921 3900
Email: mark.brennock@hse.ie

Assistant National Director, Communications Operations - Caitriona Meehan
10 - 11 Cornmarket, Dublin 8
Phone: 01 921 3900
Email: caitriona.meehan@hse.ie

Assistant National Director, Communications Strategy - Fidelma Browne
10 - 11 Cornmarket, Dublin 8
Phone: 01 921 3900
Email: fidelma.browne@hse.ie