HSE Internal Communications

The Internal Communications team manage communication between staff, management and senior leaders.

Our goal is to make sure all HSE staff have access to essential information that impacts their work.

Internal Communications can support you with:

  • staff projects and campaigns
  • communicating in a clear, timely and relevant way
  • best practices for ethical, inclusive and accessible communication

Contact our team

If you have a query or require Internal Communications support, email internalcomms@hse.ie

Emma Finn

Head of Internal Comms

Mobile: 087 6834904

Email: Emma.Finn@hse.ie

Yvonne Costello

Internal Communications Manager

Mobile: 087 7204853

Email: Yvonne.costello@hse.ie

Frances Plunkett

Internal Communications Lead

Mobile: 087 2586492

Email: frances.plunkett@hse.ie

Ann McLoone

Our Health Service Editor

Mobile: 087 696 2826

Email: Ann.McLoone@hse.ie

Keeva Carpenter

Internal Comms Executive

Mobile: 087 4484901

Email: keeva.carpenter@hse.ie

Shane Larkin

Internal Comms Executive

Mobile: 087 1880552

Email: shane.larkin@hse.ie

Amy O Neill

Internal Comms Officer

Landline: 087 1683737

Email: Amy.Oneill1@hse.ie

Paddy Crosse

Lead AV Technican

Mobile: 087 3897360

Email: paddy.crosse@hse.ie