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Clinical Lead: Professor Derek O’Keeffe

Programme Manager: Ms. Dervla Kennedy

ICGP Lead: Dr. Suzanne Kelly

CNS Lead: Ms. Joanne Lowe

Podiatry Lead: Ms. Assumpta Coyle

Dietitian Lead: Dr. Cathy Breen

Membership of the National Working group: Ms. Valarie Humphreys Person living with Diabetes representative, Ms. Vicky Doyle Person living with Diabetes representative, Ms. Marie Courtney, Practice Nurse Development Coordinator, Dr. Austin Bayley, Psychology rep, Dr. Sheena McHugh, UCC, Mr. Trevor Hunter, Pharmacy rep, Dr. Claire Buckley, Consultant in Public Health Chronic Disease, Dr. Aftab Khattak, Consultant Endocrinologist, Dr. Eoin Noctor, Consultant Endocrinologist, Ms. Margaret Humphreys, National Lead Structured Patient Education, Dr. Kate Gajewska Clinical Manager for Advocacy and Research, Patient Advocate Diabetes Ireland representative, Ms. Sarah O’Brien, Health and Wellbeing H.S.E.