Jinarc® (Tolvaptan)

Jinarc® (Tolvaptan) was added to the High Tech Arrangement on 1 July 2019. A Managed Access Protocol is in place for Jinarc®. This outlines the criteria that must be satisfied in order for a patient to be recommended for reimbursement of Jinarc® under the High Tech Arrangement.

The prescribing of Jinarc® under the High Tech Arrangement is confined to designated clinicians who have agreed to the terms of the HSE-Managed Access Protocol and have been approved by the HSE-Medicines Management Programme. ​The clinician must submit an application for individual reimbursement approval for each patient. Applications for individual reimbursement approval will only be considered from approved clinicians.

A copy of the HSE-Managed Access Protocol for Jinarc® and the application form for individual reimbursement approval can be found in the Related Files section below.