The HSE-Medicines Management Programme (MMP) have published a roadmap for the identification of preferred continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) sensor(s) with associated system(s).

Roadmap for the identification of preferred CGM sensors (PDF, size 598 KB, 2 pages)

The evaluation will be carried out in accordance with the process outlined in the MMP roadmap for the identification of preferred CGM sensor(s) with associated system(s).

As part of the evaluation process, the MMP is undertaking a consultation during which submissions are invited from all relevant stakeholders, including the suppliers of CGM sensors with associated systems.

Submissions should be made in line with the criteria published in the roadmap. The cover page available at the link below should be completed and included with all submissions.

Cover page for submissions (PDF, size 669 KB, 1 page)

The closing date for submissions is 1pm on 7 December 2023.

Submissions can be emailed to Alternatively, the MMP can provide access to a secure file transfer system for submissions, please contact the MMP for further details.