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About Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment

A comprehensive geriatric assessment (CGA) is described as a multi-dimensional diagnostic process focused on determining a frail older person’s medical, psychological and functional capability in order to develop a coordinated and integrated plan for treatment and long term follow up. CGA is associated with improved outcomes for the frail older person including reduction in disability, health improvement, decreased admission to long term care and greater chance of living independently at home.



Basic Components of CGA



Medical Assessment

Problem List Co-morbid conditions and disease severity Medication review Nutritional status

Functional Assessment

Basic activities of daily living Instrumental activities of daily living Activity exercise status Gait and balance

Psychological Assessment

Mental status (cognitive testing)

Mood / depression testing

Social Assessment

Informal support needs and assets

Care resource eligibility / financial assessments

Environmental Assessment

 Home safety

Transport and tele-health