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A Good Death” report from the Office of the Ombudsman

The Ombudsman report, “A Good Death” highlights complaints received by the Ombudsman relating to end of life care, in a series of reflections on common themes. The report focuses on opportunities for learning and improvement particularly with regard to difficulties associated with communication regarding end of life care. 

The Ombudsman’s Casebook is a quarterly report summarising complaints received.


Communicate your Health Apps:
"Understand Me" and "Speak to Me" mobile Apps, developed by COMMUNICATE YOUR HEALTH (IRELAND) partnership—comprising the Interpreters in Palliative Care: ‘On Speaking Terms—Matters of Life and Death’ development project (funded by the Irish Hospice Foundation) and the Health Service Executive (HSE) National Social Inclusion Unit, Ireland.

Una MacConville, PhD., Una MacConville & Associates, Research and resource development. E.una@unamacconville.com

Below is a link to a short video about the Communicate Your Health Apps, “Understand Me” and “Speak to Me”