Programme Progress

Model of Care

The Model of Care of the National Clinical Programme for Rehabilitation Medicine will be one of the primary reference points for the implementation of the Neuro-Rehabilitation strategy, given the importance in ensuring consistency and clarity in pathways to and across services.  The model of care of the RMP will provide a framework for the design and delivery of specialist rehabilitation services in the context of a strategy that addresses the broad continuum of services and supports required by those with specialist rehabilitative needs.

Prosthetics & Orthotics Review Project

This group, which is being led by primary care, has representation from a wide range of stakeholders including the Rehabilitation Medicine Programme. The work is focused on developing a model for the future supply and delivery of Prosthetic, Orthotic and Specialised Footwear services based on international best practice in clinical care.

Elements to be addressed within this programme include;


The Rehabilitation Medicine Programme is represented on the DoH / HSE Steering Group to develop a Trauma Network Policy for Ireland. The rehabilitation subgroup is also chaired by member of the Rehab Medicine Programme working group and RMP programme manager sits on the ‘reconstruction & ongoing care’ sub group.

To date, draft section on rehabilitation has been developed for inclusion in the Reconstruction & Ongoing Care Chapter within the policy. This includes a review of existing trauma rehabilitation services and an outline for what is required in terms of rehabilitation services both in terms of acute management and sign posting for services across the continuum of care. The Rehabilitation Chapter for inclusion within the policy looks at needs of those from acute/post-acute and community services.


Although paediatric specialist rehabilitation services are outside the RMP scope the programme has promoted the development of a hub and spoke model to address the needs of children with acquired disability from serious illness. The RMP is engaging with the NRH paediatric programme and the National Clinical Programme for Paediatrics in this regard and has contributed a chapter on specialist rehabilitation to the 2015 Paediatric and Neonatology Programme’s Model of Care

Engagement with Neurorehabilitation strategy implementation steering group

A steering group led by the Social Care Division with representation from the National Clinical Programmes for Rehabilitation Medicine and Neurology, Department of Health, Primary Care, Therapy Representation & Neurological Alliance of Ireland has been assigned the task of developing an implementation framework for the National Strategy & Policy for Neuro-rehabilitation services

Neuro Rehab Strategy

The National Clinical Programme for Rehabilitation Medicine with a number of other clinical programmes in the HSE will be primary reference points for the implementation of the Neuro-Rehabilitation strategy, given the importance in ensuring consistency and clarity in pathways to and across services. 

The programmes will provide guidance on clinical matters critical to many elements of the framework for neuro-rehabilitation services whilst the wider stakeholders involved in implementation will be key in emphasising and developing services that ensure the range of supports people require are understood and appropriate to individual needs. Read more at

The Rehabilitation Medicine Programme, in consultation with a wide range of key stakeholders has led the way in the development of an integrated care pathway for spinal cord injury. The pathway describes an all systems approach to support the patient journey for patients with Spinal Cord Injury from acute hospitals, post-acute rehabilitation services, disability services and life-long care.