Rehabilitation Medicine Programme Benefits

The objective of the National Clinical Programme for Rehabilitation Medicine (NCPRM) is to describe a framework whereby the ability and societal participation of those affected by complex, life-altering conditions can be maximized by early, timely and life-long intermittent access to specialist rehabilitation. The desired outcomes are improved quality of life, sustainable community independence and improved employability for those treated and, in the early post-injury stage, reduced length of hospital stay and prevention of unnecessary re-admissions to acute care.

Effective and realistic goal setting, with patient and family engagement, across the continuum of recovery and service delivery, is the cornerstone of the rehabilitation process. Timely access to acute and post-acute specialist rehabilitation in facilities equipped to treat patients with complex rehabilitation needs must be realised to optimise the functional recovery of those who survive catastrophic injuries and illnesses. Expansion and standardisation of community-based rehabilitation services is essential to ensure that the benefits of post-acute rehabilitation are sustained and reinforced as patients make progress in their new lives.