Opioid Substitute Treatment (OST)

Please click this link for The Clinical Guidelines for Opioid Substitution Treatment

If you use methadone, alcohol or other drugs, it is vital you know how to keep children safe and away from these substances.This leaflet is a guide to keeping your drugs out
of children’s reach. Please read it carefully.

Please click Suboxone for further resources 

For Research on clients experience of methadone maintenance please see Barriers to progressing through a methadone maintenance treatment programme: perspectives of the clients in the Mid-West of Ireland's drug and alcohol services (Moran, Keane, Elmusharaf, 2018)

Opioid Substitution Treatment Consent Form

This form should be completed by all entering onto treatment and forward to the HSE Central Treatment List (CTL) for processing Opioid Substitution Treatment - Entry Form.pdf (size 255.8 KB)