Pharmacy Needle Exchange

The Pharmacy Needle Exchange Programme is carried out in more than 100 pharmacies nationwide. Community pharmacy-based needle exchange allows patients to pick up sterile injecting equipment and return used items. Pharmacists also refer patients to appropriate services like:

  • addiction treatment and counselling centres; and 
  • centres which carry out blood-borne virus testing and hepatitis B vaccinations.

The Needle Exchange Review was commissioned by the National Social Inclusion office. 

Patients can identify pharmacies taking part by the international needle exchange logo on their shopfronts.

The Pharmacy Needle Exchange is in place in most towns and counties outside of Dublin, Wicklow and Kildare. For a list of needle exchange services, please see and use the options to search for needle exchange.

For support and information on alcohol and drug use, please contact the HSE Drugs and Alcohol Helpline on Freephone 1800 459 459 or Email: The Helpline is open Mon-Fri, 9.30am -5.30pm.

For further information on the pharmacy needle exchange programme please contact:

Norma Harnedy, National Liaison Pharmacist-

Tim Bingham, National Pharmacy Liaison Worker-