Migrant Health COVID-19 Vaccination programme

Translated COVID-19 Vaccine information 

Translated COVID-19 vaccine information is available here

COVID-19 Vaccination Information Webinar

Extended slide set this includes additional questions and answers and tips on communicating with those who are unsure about the COVID-19 Vaccine

Slide set as presented in the webinar

Link to recording of the webinar

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Further guidance resources

HSE Midwest Drug and Alcohol Service have developed the following paper regarding learning and evidence base relating to conversations about vaccination uptake in COVID-19 pandemic amongst hesitant individuals (Dr. Colin O’Driscoll, January 2021)
Conversations about vaccination(COVID-19)

Strategy to Increase Awareness of Covid-19 Vaccines in SECH for Intercultural & LGBT+ health funded Projects in South East Community Healthcare. Approved by the National Immunisation Office, Ireland.

Guidance in the form of approach and script to support the awareness raising strategy re Covid-19 vaccines for Intercultural & LGBT+health funded projects in SECH.

COVID-19 Vaccine translated resources 

Link to COVID-19 Vaccine materials and information translated