Tobacco Free Ireland Programme Plan

Tobacco Free Ireland Programme Plan

The Tobacco Free Ireland Policy Priority Programme was established in late 2016 as part of the Healthy Ireland in the Health Services Implementation Plan. It has a remit to “mobilise the health services to improve health and wellbeing and play its part in the achievement of a reduction in smoking prevalence to less than 5% of the population by 2025”.

The Programme works to coordinate and lead tobacco control activity across the health services to ensure implementation of the HSE actions contained within the Government Tobacco Free Ireland strategy; its role is underpinned by research, monitoring and evaluation. A second State of Tobacco Control Report in Ireland report was published on 31st May 2022; the report aims to monitor and review recent efforts in tackling smoking-related harm in Ireland, and to inform development of the new HSE Tobacco Free Ireland Programme Plan, which is published in conjunction with this report. The second National Implementation Plan (2022-2025) published on the 31st May 2022, sets out the HSE strategic direction and priority actions for the years 2022-2025.

The objectives of the Tobacco Free Ireland Policy Programme over the next four years are to:

1. Prioritise the protection of children in all of our initiatives and contribute to the denormalisation of tobacco use for the next generation,
2. Support people to quit smoking and treat tobacco dependence as a care issue while targeting population groups with higher smoking prevalence and health inequalities.

View the Tobacco Free Ireland Programme Implementation Plan 2022-2025 here.

View the State of Tobacco Control in Ireland Report 2022 here.