Tobacco Control Policy

The Health Service Executive (HSE) as the leading healthcare provider is committed to protection and prevention of illness and disease through a reduction in the use of tobacco and its harmful effects. It developed and launched a Tobacco Free Campus Policy in 2012. The policy aims is to create a healthier tobacco-free, clean environment for its staff, patients/service users and visitors. This policy is currently being updated.

View the proposed changes to the Tobacco Free Campus Policy (PDF)

Implementation of the policy has meant that smoking by employees, patients/service users, visitors and any other parties is prohibited within all HSE campuses. The policy helps to change social norms around tobacco use and treat tobacco addiction as a healthcare issue by encouraging and supporting people to quit through the provision of cessation medication and behavioural support for smokers. A toolkit to support managers and staff in implementing the policy was also created.

A further policy, the Second Hand Smoke in Domestic Setting Policy was developed following extensive consultation with relevant stakeholders particularly those working in the community and in Primary care.