Tobacco Free Ireland Resources

Referring to Stop Smoking Services

If you would like to make a referral for a patient, client, service user, please download this form and complete the required fields. For information on local stop smoking clinics please click here.

Resources for Stop Smoking Advisors

Induction Document for Stop Smoking Advisors

Stop Smoking Advisor Registration Form

Recommended NRT-Stop Smoking Medication Form

Delivery of Stop Smoking Services During COVID-19 (July 2020)

Breath Carbon Monoxide Testing and COVID-19 (July 2020)

SOP Delivery of Stop Smoking Services Using Telehealth/Attend Anywhere

Guidelines for Setting up and Delivering a Community Peer-Led Stop Smoking Programme

QuitManager Resources

Client Information Leaflet

Information Systems Access Request Form

Third Party Access Request Form

New One to One Clinic Set-Up Form

Referral Source Set-Up Request Form

QuitManager Advisor User Guide V1.6

Guidance Notes

Guidance Note 1: Select Referral Source

Guidance Note 2: Management of Client Records

Guidance Note 3: Marking an Episode Complete

Guidance Note 4: Request Deletion of Record on QuitManager

Guidance Note 5: Episode Creation for Client with an Existing QuitManager Record

Guidance Note 6: Recording Session Notes

Guidance Note 7: Recording Medical History

Guidance Note 8: Calendar Use and Referral Module

Guidance Note 9: Raising Queries with the QuitManager SuperUser Team

Guidance Note 10: Use of Spontaneous Quit Button on QuitManager

You can access QuitManager tutorial videos at the links below;

Client Set Ups, Recording Sessions & Call Backs (Recorded on 21.01.2021)

Top Tips, Record Maintenance & Data Audit (Recorded on 21.01.2021)

Referral Module & Referral Processing (Recorded on 21.01.2021)

Making Every Contact Count Resources

Benefits of Quitting

Decisional Balance Tool

Fagerstrom Test For Nicotine Dependence

Responses to Patients Heartsink Statements

Smoking Diary

Nicotine Replacement Therapy and Medications for the Treatment of Tobacco Dependence

Coping with Withdrawal Symptoms

Open Surveys

We Can Quit - Community Facilitator Course Evaluation

We Can Quit - Participant Post Course Evaluation (Pilot Course 2021)