Introduction to Dementia Advisers


Joanne Brennan, Dementia Adviser North Dublin outlines a case study that demonstrates the work of a Dementia Adviser. It is an example of how a Dementia Adviser helps and supports a person with dementia and their family carer through their journey of dementia.

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Maeve Montgomery is the Dementia Adviser in Cavan/ Monaghan. Maeve outlines her role and provides examples of how working with local health teams in her area can identify and provide supports for people with dementia.

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Sean Donal O Shea is a Dementia Adviser in Limerick and a former family carer. In the video, he highlights the work of the Dementia Adviser in the Limerick area.  He speaks about his working relationship with other health care professionals and how best all parties can work together to help and support people with dementia and their family carers.

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Regina Lafferty is a health and social care professional working in North Dublin. In the video, she explains how she works in partnership with the local Dementia Adviser service. She works closely with the service to help support the person with dementia and the family carer and speaks about how both services can work closely together to provide the best possible outcomes for the person with dementia.

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Vanessa Bradbury, a Dementia Adviser in conversation with dementia advocate Kathleen Quinlan from the Irish Dementia Working Group.

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