Food Certification Process

Food Manufacturers

The primary analytical service available to Food Manufacturers pertains to the Food Export Certification process.

Please contact the laboratory to book in a sample(s) for analysis. All sample analysis must be pre-booked prior to the submission of samples.

Food Export Certification Process

A Laboratory report is required in order to obtain a certificate of free sale. The product for export must be submitted to the Laboratory for testing in advance of the export date.

Contact should be made with the Laboratory to discuss requirements as these can vary depending on sample type.

A minimum of 400g or 400ml of sample is required unless otherwise specified and if appropriate, the product should be supplied in its retail packaging. If a sample requires chemical and microbiological testing two separate samples of the same batch/lot no. will be required.

A list of the ingredients of the product and/or product/microbiological specification sheets must be supplied upon sample submission when requested by the Laboratory.

If the product is a concentrate which will require dilution and packaging in the destination country prior to sale, the recommended dilution levels and final concentrations of controlled additives must be supplied to the Laboratory.

If the sample submitted for analysis is a cream liqueur sample the alcohol source must be supplied to the Laboratory prior to sample submission

Payment or a purchase order number is required prior to commencement of testing. Please refer to the analysis price list below for details.

Tests Available


Analytical service

Cost€ (Nett)


Testing for export certification –   minimum charge.

See below for additional charges for   other parameters 




 Food Type

Sulphur Dioxide



Benzoic Acid



Sorbic Acid



Artificial Sweeteners



Labelling & Microbiological Analysis

Chocolate & Chocolate Products


Alcohol by Volume only



Alcohol by Volume & Sulphur Dioxide



Alcohol by Volume & Methanol



Alcohol by Volume & Congeners



Alcohol by Volume & Congeners





Additional requests

Any additional requests for information to be included on the Laboratory report must be requested at time of sample submission e.g. the inclusion of measurement of uncertainty for results.

A requirement for hand signed copies of reports must also be notified to the laboratory at time of sample submission. The cost for extra reports is first 10 – free of charge. €2 charge per subsequent report.

Certificate of Origin and Analysis

Recently some importing countries of alcoholic beverages from Ireland have requested an additional certificate be completed. The cost for each of these additional certificates is €25.

Obtaining Certificates

Please visit the HSE website; for information on obtaining certificates of free sale.

Two documents are included under the heading Publications for business owners;

Laboratory Contacts

Ms. Niamh Murphy

Ms. Juanita O’Melia

Ms. Ruth Buckley

Last updated 21/07/2017