Blood Transfusion- Revised Protocol for Antenatal Screening

(Effective 12th June 2014)

The Blood Transfusion Laboratory, University Hospital Waterford has revised its protocol Screening of Antenatal patients. This is in accordance with BCSH guidelines for Blood Grouping and Antibody Testing in Pregnancy.

The Protocol is as follows:

For Antenatal patients: A sample to be sent at booking and repeated between 28-32 weeks gestation unless otherwise clinically indicated.

Where antibodies are detected further samples are required as follows:

Antibody Detected: Anti-D, Anti-K, Anti-c: A sample to be sent every 4 weeks until 28 weeks gestation and thereafter every 2 weeks until delivery.
Other Clinically Significant Antibody Detected: Repeat sample to be sent at 28 weeks gestation.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Expected Date of Delivery must be stated on the Request Form.

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