Blood Transfusion

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The Blood Transfusion laboratory performs a range of tests including, blood grouping, antibody screening and compatibility testing. Blood and blood products are provided to University Hospital Waterford inpatients and some outpatient/ day-care patients. The laboratory also provides a transfusion service for Whitfield Clinic.

Blood grouping and antibody screening is performed routinely on antenatal samples received from GPs and Antenatal clinics throughout the South East. Some specialised tests not performed at UHW are routed through the Blood Transfusion Laboratory to external laboratories.

The Blood Transfusion laboratory is located on the ground floor of the Pathology Department at UHW.

Dr. Ahmed Bannaga, Consultant Haematologist provides clinical advice to hospitals and general practitioners and is responsible for authorising the release of reports.

Department Key Personnel and contact details

  • General Laboratory Enquiries, 051-842479
  • Antoinette Lyons, Chief Medical Scientist - 051-842143
  • Ann-Marie Ryan, Quality Officer - 051-848907
  • Dr Ahmed Bannaga, Consultant Haematologist responsible for Blood Transfusion (contact via main switchboard 051-840000)
  • Dr Brian Hennessy, Consultant Haematologist 051-848746
  • Dr Ezzat Elhassadi, Consultant Haematologist (contact via main switchboard 051-840000)
  • Dr Senthil Kumar, Consultant Haematologist (contact via main switchboard 051-840000)
  • Haematology Registrar Bleep # 81404
  • Haemovigilance Officers:
    • Carmel Erett 051-842106
    • Angela Cooke 051-847421
    • Bleep Number #821516

Note: Within the hospital the last 4 digits of the above phone numbers comprise the extension number

Test Library (search by Test name)

For information in regard to the test repertoire offered, sample types required, and test turnaround times, please refer to the test library as follows:

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Protocol for frequency of antenatal antibody screening

Time Limits and Storage Temperatures of Blood Transfusion Specimens

Turnaround Times for Blood Products supplied by the Blood Transfusion Laboratory

Specimen labelling and Completion of Request Form

Blood Product Information

Maximum Surgical Blood Ordering Schedule (MSBOS)

Specialised Blood Products

Emergency Issue of Blood

On-Call testing

Collection of Blood /Blood Products from the Laboratory

Transfusion Reaction Investigation

Traceability of blood/ blood products