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This department offers a comprehensive range of diagnostic services in routine Bacteriology, Mycobacteriology, Mycology, Parasitology, Serology and Virology as well as consultation in microbiology, infectious diseases and antibiotic utilisation and provision of statistical and cumulative data for infectious disease monitoring. It has a Public Health Laboratory, which is accredited to the international standard ISO17025 for food, water and hygiene testing.

The proper selection, collection and transport of specimens to the laboratory is, an essential part of the quality assurance of the microbiology laboratory. The laboratory is committed to the use of accredited examination procedures and methods that will ensure the highest achievable quality of all tests performed. Results are reported rapidly and phoned if necessary to ensure timely intervention for optimum patient care.

Scope of the Service

  • Diagnostic Bacteriology including Antimicrobial susceptibility testing.
  • Diagnostic Microbial Serology and Virology.
  • Guidance on Antimicrobial Chemotherapy. See Guidelines attached
  • Guidance on infection Control and Outbreak Management
  • Public Health Laboratory Food and Water testing.

As well as the diagnostic service provided the department has research and educational links with the Faculty of Food Safety in University College Dublin and the Biological Sciences Department in Cork Institute of Technology. It also provides training for student medical scientists and participates in collaborative research work with clinical colleagues. The department is approved by the Royal College of Pathologists for specialist training in Medical Microbiology.

Consultant Microbiologists Dr. Maeve Doyle and Dr. Caroline Fielding are responsible for clinical advice on interpretation of examination results and for authorising the release of reports.


Contact details 

  • Microbiology Laboratory, 051-842488 / 842489 or ext 2488 / 2489
  • Fax Microbiology Laboratory, 051-848566
  • Serology Laboratory, 051-842491 / 848969 or ext 2491 / 8969
  • Public Health Laboratory, 051-842398 or 2398
  • Dr. Maeve Doyle, Consultant Microbiologist, Medical Council Number 19917, 051-842621 or ext 2621
  • Dr. Caroline Fielding, Consultant Microbiologist, Medical Council Number 021340, 051-842097 or ext 2097
  • Dr. Vivien Murphy, Consultant Microbiologist, Medical Council Number 022364, 051-842097 or ext 2097
  • Dr. Grace Chan, Consultant Microbiologist, Medical Council Number 402993, 051-842621 or ext 2621
  • Microbiology clinical advice consultation line- 051-848479 or ext. 8479 Mon- Fri 9.30-5.30. Phone on call Consultant Microbiologist outside of those hours.
  • Ciara Fanning, Chief Medical Scientist, 051-842606 or ext 2606
  • Laura Johnson,  Quality Officer, 051-848578 or ext 8578


Microbiology Test Library


Test Library (search by Test name)

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For specific Microbiological testing requirements, please refer to guidelines on collection and transport of specimens and index of specimen containers.

Expected turnaround times are given in routine working days and are based on the time of arrival in the Microbiology Laboratory at Waterford Regional Hospital.

Where appropriate, turnaround times are given for microscopy. Turnaround times for culture are given with a range of times. The lower figure is for a “negative” result (where there has been no follow up of an isolate) and the higher for a “positive” result (where an isolate has been followed up, identified and antibiotic sensitivities determined).  Exceptions are mycobacterial culture, blood culture, and fungal culture, where a negative result is only issued at the end of the incubation period.


On Call Service

The Microbiology department provides an out of hours on call service. The following link provides a guide to the tests available pre and post midnight.


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