Biochemistry Laboratory Services, University Hospital Waterford

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Service Description

The Biochemistry Department is part of the Regional Department of Laboratory Medicine at Waterford Regional Hospital.  The Department undertakes the analysis of clinical samples (e.g. Blood, Urine, CSF and other bodly fluids) for the measurement of various chemical compounds that are useful in the diagnosis, monitoring and prognosis of a wide range of diseases.

The laboratory offers:

  • Routine biochemistry analysis
  • Hormone measurment
  • Therapeutic drug monitoring
  • Tumour marker measurement
  • Protein electrophoresis
  • Sweat testing
  • Miscellaneous testing (osmolality, lithium, blood gas and carboxy haemoglobin analysis)


Over 380,000 patients samples (accounting for over 4 million tests) are processed annually for the hospital, other health care institutions and general practioners. Dr. Mike Louw, Consultant Chemical Pathologist is responsible for authorising the release of reports.


For information in regard to the test repertoire offered, sample types required and test turnaround times, please see the test library. For information on tests available outside of routine hours, see Biochemistry On-Call service.


Department Telephone Numbers

  • Enquiries and information (General Biochemistry) 051 842475 or Ext 2475 between 09.30hrs & 16.30hrs only
  • Ms. Emma Dunne, Quality Officer 051-842735 or Ext 2735
  • Mr. Seamus Cotter, Chief Medical Scientist 051 842168 or Ext 2168
  • Dr. Mike Louw, Consultant Chemical Pathologist, 051 842475 or Ext 2475
  • Laboratory Fax Number 051 848565


Specimen Labelling and Completion of request forms

For accurate identification of specimens it is essential that all samples be labelled properly and that request forms are filled out clearly and accurately referring to Completing the Request Form and Labelling the Specimen

In the interest of patient safety, samples that do not meet these minimum sample identification requirements cannot be accepted for analysis.


Test Library (search by Test name)

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Please Note

All tests for routine biochemistry and endocrinology should be written on one request form.Generally 1 clotted specimen is sufficient for all routine Biochemistry and Endocrinology tests.


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