Collection of Blood and Blood Products

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Collection of Blood/Blood Products from the Blood Transfusion Laboratory

  •  A Blood Collection Form (WRH-BT-HF-002) must be used when collecting blood components/products from the laboratory to indicate the 3 unique patient identifiers and the blood component/product required. Blood track Tx (where available) should be used to generate a "PICKUP" label for this form. 
  • The  blood component/product collection box must be used to transport all Blood/Blood Components ie. RCC, Plasma, Platelets, Anti-D, Coagulation Factor Concentrates, Octaplex, Albumin, Fibrinogen, etc. or Cell Safe Igloo where storage may be required (usually Emergency Department or Theatre)
  • The Blood Track Kiosk must be used for "Taking Out" (collection of) red cells and platelets from the blood issue area. The Kiosk will ask the user to check the patient demographic details from the component/product against the details on the collection form and the compatibility report form.
  • If details are correct, remaning steps on kiosk can be completed.
  • Where batch products are being collected or the blood track kiosk is not available for use required information must be recorded in the Blood Bank Sign Out Log (FORM-PATH-BT-004), located on the counter top in the Blood Bank Issue Room
  • For all products the Blood Collection Form must be completed as appropriate.
  • The Blood component/product, compatibility form (if available) and the blood collection form must be transported to the ward in the designated Blood Collection Box.
    Note: Transfusion/infusion must begin within 30 minutes of removal from the Blood Bank Issue area.
  • Blood Components/products must not be stored in the blood collection box.
  • Platelets must be collected in platelet transport box.
  • Platelets and red blood cells must not be collected in the same transport box. 
  • Where storage of products on the ward/theatre is required an Igloo Cooler box is available, please contact blood transfusion as required.
  • Staff member who receives the blood component/product in the clinical area must date, time (as per 24 hour clock) and sign the Blood Collection Form and place it securely in the Prescription and Administration Record.

Return of blood components & blood products to the laboratory

  • Any product that has been removed from the lab and is not for immediate use must be returned within 30 minutes of its removal in the validated blood collection box.
  • For red cells and platelets products must be returned using the "Putting In" (Return) option on the blood track Kiosk
  •  For all other products or when the blood track kiosk is out of order document details for return of the product in the manual sign out log (FORM-PATH-BT-004)
  • Inform Medical Scientist in Blood transfusion lab 

Location and Storage of Blood Components/Products in the Blood Bank Issue Room

  • Red Cells: Issue Refrigerator  2 - 6°C , in individual drawers for clinical areas
  • Platelets: Platelet Agitator – Room Temperature
  • Plasma:  Issue Refrigerator 2 - 6°C – Defrosted
  • Batch Products( Anti-D, Coagulation Factor Concentrates, Octaplex, Fibrinogen): Issue Refrigerator - in individual drawers for clinical areas
  • Albumin: Pigeon Pigeon Hole in issue room – room temperature