Microbiology index of specimen containers

Index: O
Container: Universal Transport Medium
Specimen/Test: COVID, FLU, Respiratory PCR 

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  • Index: A
  • Container: Boric Acid Container (Red Top)
  • Specimen/Test: Urine (Microscopy Culture) Urinary Antigen (Legionnella/Pneumococcal)

A boric acid.jpg

  • Index: B
  • Container: Sterile Universal (polypropylene) 30ml
  • Specimen/Test: CSF, Aspirates, Sterile fluids, Catheter tips, Pus samples, Sputa, BAL, Tissue.

B universal.JPG

  • Index: C
  • Container: 250 ml Sterile Universal (polypropylene)
  • Specimen/Test: Early Morning Urine (TB), Tissue.

C 250ml universal.JPG

  • Index: D
  • Container: Sterile Universal (with Spoon)
  • Specimen/Test: Faeces/ Stool

D faeces.JPGD faeces peadiatric.JPG

  • Index: E(i)
  • Container: Chlamydia / Gonorrhoea (Female / Conjunctival)
  • Specimen/Test: Chlamydia / Gonorrhoea PCR

Ei chlamydia gc pcr female.JPG

  • Index: E(ii)
  • Container: Chlamydia / Gonorrhoea (Male)
  • Specimen/Test: Chlamydia / Gonorrhoea PCR

Eii chlamydia gc pcr male.JPG

  • Index: F
  • Container: Amies Transport Swab (Blue top)
  • Specimen/Test: All Wounds, Genital specimens, and MRSA/VRE screen, Upper respiratory Tract specimens.

F amies.JPG

  • Index: G
  • Container: Amies Transport Swab with Charcoal (Black Top)
  • Specimen/Test: Sites where fastidious organisms are suspected.

G amies charcoal.JPG

  • Index: H
  • Container: High Nasal/Perinasal (Blue top wire shaft)
  • Specimen/Test: Pertussis

H  perinasal.JPG

  • Index: I
  • Container: ENT Swab (orange top wire shaft charcoal)
  • Specimen/Test: Inner Ear/Sinus Swab and Male urethral Swab (Gonococcus)

I ent.JPG

  • Index: J
  • Container: Viral Transport Swab (Pink top)
  • Specimen/Test: Viral Culture

J viral

  • Index: K
  • Container: Blood Culture Bottle sets: Grey and Purple caps (Adult),  Pink cap (Paediatric)
  • Specimen/Test: Aerobic/Anaerobic,  Paediatric, blood culture

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  • Index: L
  • Container: Dermapak Envelopes (Black)
  • Specimen/Test: Mycology - Skin, nail and hair specimens

L dermapak.JPG

  • Index: M
  • Container: Clotted Blood specimen
  • Specimen/Test: General Serology

M clotted paediatric.JPGM clotted.JPG

  • Index: N
  • Container: EDTA Blood Specimen
  • Specimen/Test: Meningococcal PCR, Serology.


 Index: O
Container: Universal Transport Medium
Specimen/Test: COVID/FLU/Respiratory PCR


Index: P
Container: Primestore lysis swab
Specimen/Test: COVID/FLU PCR

PrimeStore PHE

Index: Q
Container: eNat lysis swab
Specimen/Test: COVID/FLU PCR

eNat lysis swab 

Index: R
Container: Dual vaginal/rectal swab
Specimen/Test: Group B Streptococcus PCR