Reporting of results


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Once printed, laboratory reports are posted to the requesting clinician. Results are also available on the wards in each of the acute hospital in the HSE/South East Area via ward enquiry.

Histology results are only available to staff who have been given specific approval to access same.

For General ward enquiry access contact the HSE/SE IT helpdesk at 056-7784343 oe e-mail

For Histology ward enquiry queries please e-mail

Guides to interpretation of results are also issued on some reports.  If clinical guidance is required to interpret results this can be obtained by contacting the relevant laboratory medical staff.

To maintain patient confidentiality it is the policy of the laboratory not to fax laboratory reports. 

GP Electronic Link (GPEL)

GPEL is an electronic reporting system to GP's and other clinics.

Results from Biochemistry, Haematology  and Immunology are reported electronically to subscribed GPs 4 times daily at 07:00hrs, 11:15hrs, 16:00hrs and 17:00hrs. Microbiology reports are currently delayed by 7 days.

To subscribe to the service please contact Mary Sheehan, Pimary Care Unit, HSE at 056-7784112 or by e-mail at

GPs who have already been set up on this link should notify the Primary Care unit HSE SE in the event of changes in medical personnel or practice location. The GP unit will then notify the relevant laboratory personnel so that changes can be made to the electronic link without any interruptions in service. Notifications of any such changes sent directly to the laboratory may result in loss or interruption to the electronic link.


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