Blood Transfusion Time Limit and Storage Temperature

Time Limits and Storage Temperatures for Blood Transfusion Specimens

(Effective as of 16th July 2012)

All Samples for testing in the Blood Transfusion Laboratory, University Hospital Waterford must comply with the requirements for time limits and storage temperatures as specified by the BCSH Task Force Recommendations, 2007 (section 6.3 and 12.3), therefore:

All Blood Transfusion Specimens must be received in the Laboratory within 48 hours of phlebotomy and must be transported at ambient temperature (18-25 degrees Celcius)

Samples received in the Laboratory exceeding these limits cannot be processed and a repeat specimen will be required.

Please Note: This change will impact in particular specimens taken on Friday; Unless specimens are received in the laboratory within 48 hours (i.e. on Saturday/Sunday) then they will be unsuitable for analysis on the following Monday (or Tuesday in the case of a Bank Holiday)

Please contact the Laboratory if any issues relating to the above on 051-842479

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