Blood Transfusion Traceability

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"Traceability" as defined in Directive 2005/61/EC is the ability to trace each individual unit of blood or blood component derived thereof from the donor to its final destination, whether this is a recipient, a manufacturer of medicinal products or disposal, and vice versa.

Blood banks shall ensure the Traceability of blood and blood components through accurate identification procedures, record maintenance and an appropriate labeling system which facilitates the active return of transfusion information to comply with Article 14 of Directive.

For further details see INAB publications.

Blood Track TX

To ensure full traceability the patient’s Prescription and Administration Record (WRH-BT-HF-001) must be completed for ALL transfusions.
Blood Track Tx must be used (except where not available) to record all Red Cell and Platelet transfusions. For all other products or when Blood Track Tx is not available the record must be fully completed manually and the traceability label attached to the blood pack (WRH-BT-LF-051) must be completed and returned to the blood transfusion laboratory.