Aspen Unit

Aspen is a 6-bed unit, next to Rowan Unit, which opened in October 2005 under the psychiatric unit of the Tallaght Hospital, Dublin.  

What does Aspen Unit offer?

Aspen provides specialist assessment and treatment for people during an acutely disturbed phase of their illness. Patients are referred to Aspen after a comprehensive risk and behavioural assessment. Care is intensive and is delivered by a multidisciplinary team working towards holistic therapeutic outcomes.

What staff will I meet at the Unit?

A Clinical Nurse Manager Two, a Clinical Nurse Manager One, and two Staff Nurses, Hospital Attendants and Household Staff work on Aspen Unit.

You will also have access to an occupational therapist and art therapist and pharmacist. You may also meet the dietitian. There is a pastoral care service available.

You will continue to have contact with members of your local community mental health team during your stay.

What are the meal times?

  • 9am Breakfast
  • 11am Tea
  • 1pm Lunch
  • 3.15pm Tea
  • 5pm Evening Tea
  • 7.30pm Supper

What are the visiting times?

  • 2pm to 4pm
  • 6pm to 8pm

How long can I expect to stay?

It’s difficult to say exactly how long you might be in hospital. However, the length of stay is usually short. As soon as your mental state begins to improve we will transfer you to Rowan or Cedar Unit.

Contact details

Phone: 01 414 3310

Where can I find out more?

Talk to your Local Mental Health Team