Psychiatry of Later Life

Psychiatry of later life is a specialist mental health service for people over the age of 65 who haven’t used Mental Health Services before.

How do I get referred?

In discussion with your GP or other consultant.

What outcome should I expect from my first visit?

You will get a plan for further care if needed.

When will I be told my diagnosis?

When your diagnosis is made and you are ready to ask.

Who will I see?

You’ll be seen by a Senior Doctor either a Consultant or a Senior Registrar.

What support is available for my family?

We provide information, support, and referral on to other services. We also run a Carer’s Education group from time to time.

Can my Carer see the Psychiatry of Later Life team?

Yes, by appointment and with your consent.

What happens if I tell a staff member that I have been abused in the past or I am being abused now?

All agencies in the HSE operate under ‘Children First’ guidelines.

Could I be referred anywhere else?

Yes, depending on your needs.

Does Psychiatry of Later Life provide a specialist assessment of age-related physical health problems?


What Therapies are available to me?

We offer a range of drug and non-drug therapies depending on your needs.

What Programmes does Psychiatry of Later Life offer?

We tailor our Programmes to meet your needs and the needs of others attending at the same time as you.

How often will I be seen?

That depends on your Care Plan.

Where will any follow up appointments take place?

In your home or at a location in your local area.