HSE Children First

It is HSE policy that all staff irrespective of role, grade or position must promote the welfare of children and protect them from harm. It is not okay to do nothing if you have any information that a child has been, is being or is at risk of being abused or neglected.

Children First applies to everyone. The HSE is the largest employer in the State and all HSE staff, staff in HSE funded services and HSE contractors have responsibilities under Children First to keep children safe and to promote their welfare. These responsibilities are especially relevant for health and social care professionals, even if you work in an adult based service. Resources on this website are intended as a guide and do not take the place of legal or other advice. 


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Children First Training

is mandatory for all HSE staff (permanent, temporary, agency, locum or visiting), students and volunteers, irrespective of role or grade.

The Children First e-learning module is also mandatory for staff of HSE Funded Agencies.

Staff of HSE Contracted Services are strongly urged to complete this training.

New Content Added to Further Training

Staff with Computer / Internet Access, Computer Literacy or General Literacy Difficulties

The E-learning programme should, in the majority of cases, be completed online. However, in recognition that a small number of staff have access issues to completing the programme online the HSE Children First National Office has converted the E-Learning programme so that it can be facilitated in a classroom setting. Click here for more information.

This website has been designed as a resource about 'Children First' for all HSE staff, staff in HSE funded agencies, HSE contractors and members of the public. Select the option below that best describes you;

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How to Report a Child Protection or Welfare Concern




We welcome your observations and comments, whether positive or negative, as all feedback helps.
Contact us on childrenfirst@hse.ie or on any of our phone numbers which are provided here.