Haddington Road Agreement

The Public Service Stability Agreement – 2013-2016 (Haddington Road Agreement) sets out the measures on productivity, cost extraction and reform which together will achieve the targeted pay bill reductions of €1 billion in the cost of the pay and pensions bill over the three years from 2013 to 2015.  

The HSE has prepared a number of documents which provide further guidance on the implementation of the Department of Health Circular 5/2013 “Financial Emergency Measures in the Public Interest Act 2013 and the Public Service Stability Agreement 2013-2016".

Download the Haddington Road Agreement

Frequently Asked Questions - June 2013

Guidelines for the operation of Sections 2.4 and 2.5 of the HRA - Employees on the final point of their scale with salaries between €35,000 and €65,000 (including allowances) - December 2013

Guidance re employees on the final point of their scale - Jan 2014

Memo re employees on final point of scale - cost of provisions - February 2014

DOH Circular 2/2014 re staff remaining on current hours (pre 1 July 2013 hours) - March 2014