Request a short URL

A short URL (web address) is a shorter version of the long web address that is automatically generated by our CMS (content management system).

Both the long and short address direct users to the same web page. For example:

Both of these URLs point to the same web page and content.

When to use a short URL

A short URL can be used when a web page will be promoted on social media, marketing materials, print, radio or TV.

If you are using a short URL for a local campaign or initiative, your region should be included in the URL. This is to ensure that URLs are available for national campaigns. For example, is for a national campaign and should not be used for local campaigns.

Who can request a short URL

You can request a short URL if you are:

  • the head of a department
  • a client director
  • lead on a project in the HSE

Format of short URL

The URL must be descriptive and specific to the content. For example:

Short URLs can not have:

  • dashes (hyphens)
  • capital letters
  • or characters outside of the alphabet

To avoid delays, please follow these guidelines when submitting your request.

How to request a short URL

Submit a request for a short URL at least 2 weeks before you need it.

Send your request to Include the text 'Request a short URL' in the subject line of the email. 

What happens next

We will reply to your request within 3 working days. We may need to ask for more information about your request.

If your request is approved, we will need to finalise the wording of your short URL with you. 

Before your promote your short URL

You should not publicise your short URL until you have confirmed that both the content and the short URL are live and working.

If your content is not live on the website, your short URL will bring users to a 'Page not found' error message.