Request for website content support

If you send us a request for website content support, we will assess it to decide if it is:

  • a small or straightforward request
  • a large or complex request

We will assess the request based on:

  • who the audience is
  • the user need
  • where this content could be placed on the website
  • how it fits with existing content and if it overlaps with anything that's already there
  • the skills and time required to create and publish it effectively
  • quality of the source material
  • related content projects and other priorities

Detailed, clear requests

The clearer your request, and the more detail you provide, the easier it is for us to respond.

If your request is unclear, we may not be able to complete your request to meet your deadline.

Don't assume the person who receives your request is familiar with your service or has background information needed to complete your request. Different members of our team cover the support service on different days.

Small or straightforward requests

If it is a small or straightforward request, we aim to resolve this within 3 working days.

If we need to, we will contact you for more details. We will update you once your request is resolved.

Large or complex requests

Large or complex requests will need to be submitted through the Communications Planning Group (CPG) process.

We will then assess the request to see when we will have the capacity to support you. We will also look to see if any similar projects are on our plans. This is to ensure we avoid duplication of content on our new websites.

If your request is approved, we will assign a content designer to work on it. They will contact you to discuss your request in more detail.

The content designer will act as the voice of the user to ensure your content addresses a clear user need, is easy to understand and is created in-line with our content guide.

Please send on any research you may have done to help us understand the user need and create the best content possible for them.

Typical content design process for a large or complex request

A large or complex content request will go through the following content design process:

  1. We will call you to get any extra information or research we need before starting to produce content.
  2. First draft: source content provided by you is turned into a first draft of web content by a content designer on our team.
  3. Internal review: the first draft is reviewed by another member of the content team to ensure it is in-line with our content guide.
  4. Fact-check: content goes back to you, or a subject matter expert assigned by you, to ensure it is accurate and safe to publish.
  5. Second draft: feedback from fact check is incorporated by a content designer.
  6. Second internal review: a final internal review by a member of our content team.
  7. Publish: content is published.
  8. Resolved: your request is now resolved. You should ensure this content stays up to date and is reviewed periodically.

If you have any additional requests after this stage, you will need to send another email to to create a ticket on our system. If you have another large request it will need to go to CPG.

How to get website content support

To get website content support:

  1. Email your request to to log it on our ticketing system. Include the text 'Request for web content support' in the subject line of the email.
  2. We will assess your request to decide whether this is a small request (can be done quickly and easily) or a large request (needs to go to CPG to be scheduled into our content plans so a member of our content team can set aside time to work on it).
  3. If we need to, we will contact you for more details
  4. We will update you once your request is resolved. This will close your ticket on our system.