Requesting digital support

This page outlines how the digital team offer support to colleagues across the HSE. We can offer support around:

Before you make a request

We are working our way through a number of projects on the digital roadmap. This means we may not always be available to support your initial request.

We will see how your request may fit with an existing, similar project on the digital roadmap. If not, we will try to schedule your request for a time when a member of our team is available to work on it.

New ways of working

If you are making a digital request, it's important to keep these new ways of working in mind. These will inform our response to you and how we will approach a task.

No more separate websites or micro-sites

We are currently phasing out all our old, separate websites and micro-sites. We are gradually moving to two new websites. One will be dedicated to the needs of the general public. The other will be for staff and other professional audiences. Both will be publicly available but created with different user needs in mind.

This means we are gradually shutting down all separate, stand-alone websites and micro-sites. As we do this, we are redesigning and migrating content to our two new websites.

It also means you can not request a new micro-site or separate website.

No duplication

As we merge over 85 separate websites and micro-sites, we must ensure we do not duplicate content. This is more efficient, cost-effective and improves search results within our websites.

We should not have two pieces of content which cover the same topic. We can work with you to identify existing content that can be used to meet your objectives.

Accessibility and user experience

All our content and websites must be accessible and offer a good user experience so that we can serve the public well. We have guidelines and standards to help us do this which we can share with you.

By 2020, our websites and content must be compliant with accessibility standards. These are set out by the EU web accessibility directive.


We must provide one consistent experience and voice to all our users. This means we will not be able to support bespoke web design or content requests. We can work with you to ensure your content is consistent with the HSE content guide.