Prescribing Tips and Tools

The Medicines Management Programme has developed clear, concise prescribing tools to assist prescribers in the safe and appropriate prescribing of medicines.

Prescribing tips and tools are available for a range of therapeutic areas such as Preferred Drugs, anticoagulation and other high risk or topical treatment areas.

Please see the Related Files below to access the Prescribing Tips and Tools.

Antibiotic use for the treatment of community infections 

In conjunction with the AMRIC (Antimicrobial Resistance and Infection Control) Division of HPSC, the MMP recommends community prescribers refer to Antibiotic Prescribing for advice on appropriate antibiotic choice. 

The guidelines recommend the preferred use of "green" agents which are effective, have fewer side effects and are less likely to lead to resistant infections than "red" agents.

The "green" and "red" lists of antibiotics, their uses and the associated risks of "red" agents are included in the attached table below of preferred antibiotics in the community