Prescribing and Cost Guidance

Prescribing and Cost Guidance focus primarily on the associated costs of particular treatments, as well as providing useful information for prescribers and other healthcare professionals regarding the prescribing, monitoring and reimbursement of these treatments.

The primary of aim of the MMP’s Prescribing and Cost Guidance is to increase awareness among prescribers and other relevant healthcare professionals of the costs associated with drugs and related treatments, and to encourage prescribers to prescribe less expensive, equally effective therapies for their patients where possible. As with the evaluations undertaken as part of the Preferred Drugs initiative, the MMP’s Prescribing and Cost Guidance are evidence based and in line with national and international best practice.

Prescribing and Cost Guidance is available for:

  • Inhalers for Asthma Adults and Children 6 plus
  • Inhaled Medicines for COPD
  • Lidocaine 5% Medicated Plaster