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Patient Narrative

Patient Narrative: The Origins 


In accordance with the HSE National Service Plan (2015 – 017) and Framework for Improving Quality in our Health Service (HSE, 2016) the Clinical Strategy & Programmes Division (CSPD), aims to enable the delivery of person-centred coordinated care, to create improved experiences and outcomes for people in their care. To progress this objective, CSPD initiated the Patient Narrative Project in late 2016.


Person-centred Co-ordinated Care

Although ‘integrated care’ has many definitions, it is commonly agreed that the realisation of integrated care has to result in better outcomes and experience of health services for the individuals who use them, whereby services are well co-ordinated around the needs of the user.  In addition, discussions on the development and delivery of services must hold the voice of the user at its core.Individuals using our health services should feel that they are seen as individuals and that the delivery of services recognises and strives to meet their needs, and is coordinated around them.


The Voice of the Service User

The ‘Patient Narrative Project’ will position the patient/ service user voice centrally in a partnership approach to the design and delivery of healthcare through the Integrated Care Programmes (link to the Integrated Care Programmes)

The Patient Narrative Project is one component of Service User involvement within the HSE. The rich information gained from hearing the stories (or narratives) of people using Irish health services, analysing these in an evidence-based manner and using them to give direction to and drive health service design and improvements will lead to individuals having a better experience of our health service. The experience that an individual has in our health service is as important as the clinical effectiveness and safety in the treatment and care they receive.


The Patient Narrative Project has identified three phases of work (as shown) to be undertaken between January and September 2017:


Phase one will find out what ‘person-centred co-ordinated care’ means to Irish service users / patients, their carers and patient organisations. The Irish Platform for Patient Organisations, Science & Industry (IPPOSI)  with their proven experience and expertise in harnessing a coherent and critical voice of service users will lead the first phase of the project in partnership with the HSE.


Phase two will create a process to hear and use the experiences of a large number of individuals who require multiple health services to influence and guide the development of current and future services and strategy through the office of the CSPD.


Phase three will develop guidelines and tools that can be used to support local service design and improvements within a partnership approach between health staff and individuals who use health services

Clinical Strategy and Programmes Division