Enhanced Community Care: Chronic Disease Management programme

The Chronic Disease Management programme is for people who have a medical card and have a specified chronic disease such as a cardiovascular disease, COPD, asthma and type 2 diabetes.

The programme emphasises:

  • lifestyle and medical risk factor control
  • disease management 
  • the creation of a patient care plan

Your GP (family doctor) will work with you to develop this plan.

Annual chronic disease management prevention programme

The Annual chronic disease management prevention programme is being rolled out over 2 years for eligible patients. It is designed so that you and your GP can work together on reducing your risk of developing cardiovascular disease, diabetes or both.

Chronic disease treatment programme

The Chronic disease treatment programme is for people who have a chronic condition.

The programme is designed so that you can work with your GP on:

  • monitoring your condition
  • identifying early treatment
  • supporting the way you manage your condition