Lymphoedema information for healthcare professionals

Information on this page is for healthcare professionals treating lymphoedema and lipoedema.

Lymphoedema information for service users is available here

On this page:

Lymphoedema services and chronic oedema innovation and updates 2024 (video)

Lymphoedema and lipoedema education needs surveys
Generalist and specialist education needs surveys from national lymphoedema and lipoedema services

Lymphoedema Services Newsletter March 2024 (PDF, 224 KB, 1 page)

Lymphoedema guidelines

Guidelines for the diagnosis, assessment and management of lymphoedema.

Lymphoedema guidelines 2022 (PDF, 3MB, 165 pages)

Model of care

Lymphoedema clinical guideline for the diagnosis, assessment and management of lymphoedema.

Lymphoedema and lipoedema treatment - a model of care 2018 (PDF, 2.7MB, 74 pages)

Assessment forms

Genital assessment form (PDF, 332KB, 4 pages)

Genital questionnaire men (PDF, 238KB, 2 pages)

Genital questionnaire women (PDF, 193KB, 2 pages)

Head and neck assessment form (PDF, 181KB, 3 pages)

Circumferential measurement form/volume calculator (PDF, 317KB, 13 pages)


Early detection pathway (PDF, 176KB, 1 page)

Paediatric lymphoedema pathway (PDF, 125KB, 1 page)

Adult lymphoedema pathway (PDF, 112KB, 1 page)

Upper limb pathway (PDF, 159KB, 1 page)

Lower limb pathway (PDF, 160KB, 1 page)

Red legs pathway (PDF, 239KB, 1 page)

Lymphorrhea pathway (PDF, 238KB, 1 page)

Lymphoedema risk for cancer patients information sheets

Download the information sheets relevant for your patient.  All patients should be given the generic sheets with the appropriate body-specific sheet:

Generic patient information sheets

Activity to reduce your risk of lymphoedema (PDF, 1.4MB, 4 pages) 

Cellulitis and lymphoedema (PDF, 639KB, 2 pages)

Take care of your skin (PDF, 549KB, 2 pages)

Travel and lymphoedema (PDF, 592KB, 1 page)

Manage your weight (PDF, 605KB, 1 page)

What is cancer-related lymphoedema? (PDF, 806KB, 2 pages)

Body-specific patient information sheets

What is your risk of leg lymphoedema? (PDF, 666KB, 2 pages)

What is your risk of arm lymphoedema? (PDF, 660KB, 2 pages)

Early signs of breast lymphoedema (PDF, 661KB, 1 page)

Early signs of genital lymphoedema (PDF, 590KB, 1 page)

Early signs of head and neck lymphoedema (PDF, 630KB, 2 pages)

Lymphoedema risk for cancer patients information booklets

Download the risk information booklets or order printed versions from HSE health promotion publications

Risk of arm and breast lymphoedema (PDF, 1.7MB, 9 pages)

Risk of head and neck lymphoedema (PDF, 2.1MB, 9 pages)

Risk of lower body lymphoedema (PDF, 1.7MB, 9 pages)

Lymphoedema and lipoedema services

HSE lymphoedema and lipoedema services (PDF, 145KB, 1 page)


Lymph Scanner Training 2023


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