Your Good Self

Being healthy means more than looking after our bodies. We also need to take care of our emotional well-being. From infancy to older adulthood, families and communities can take an active part in making sure that they stay well emotionally. In this age of information it can be overwhelming to find good quality advice on how to deal with life’s challenges.  The “Your Good Self” programme is here to help. Your Good Self is an exciting joint initiative between the HSE and Cork County Library and Cork City Libraries.

The ‘Your Good Self’ programme aims to provide quality information to the people of Cork on how to look after their emotional well-being as part of their overall health.An extensive list of recommended books, websites and other resources have been compiled and reviewed by Psychologists and other professionals working in the HSE. These materials which have been approved by experts in Primary Care Psychology Services in Cork provide information, knowledge and ideas on how best to deal with life’s’ challenges. The resources are practical and helpful and cover an extensive variety of topics including parenting, stress management and self-esteem.  Lists of these materials are available on the links below, in your local participating library and on the Cork County and City Library websites.

Psychologists in Primary Care in Cork City and County regularly do free public talks in libraries on emotional well-being topics. For further details visit your local library.

List of resources for adults 2015.pdf (size 771.8 KB)

List of resources for children and families 2015.pdf (size 1.1 MB)

Your Good Self Information Booklet.pdf (size 1.2 MB)